Hop on the Bus

High School Business Plan Competition

Rules & Guidelines

Getting Started

Now that You’re Ready, Let’s start to Hop on the BUS!

Since you have read about the formalities of the competition, let’s get started! If you haven’t registered for the business plan competition yet, go ahead and do so now. What are you waiting for? If you have registered, go ahead and get started with Round 1. Each round will ask you several questions that will help you answer the types of questions every business must address in their business plan and while operating the business. These are real life questions that we have paired up with resources that will help you (if you choose to use them).

Student teams need to answer each question in each round. Don’t worry; each question is supplied with an explanation (if one is needed), resources and instructions. If the questions are not answered or are partially answered, the student team will be eliminated from the competition. Remember: the deadlines are firm and we cannot accept late work. Also, ask your adult supervisor to review your answers before submitting to the Hop on the BUS! Coordinator.

Each round of the competition is due to the Hop on the BUS! Coordinator via email, fax or mail by midnight of the due date. See the competition timeline on page 6 for exact deadline dates. Remember, we are looking for creative and original ideas for your business, so take a little time to brainstorm your ideas with your team mates or adult supervisor before submitting your Round 1 answers. Once you tell us your idea, we are going to expect Rounds 2 and 3 expand on that idea. Please note: the “Helpful Activities” listed under the questions are suggested activities; you do not need to complete them in order to advance to the next round. However, you do need to answer the stated question that is bolded next to the Question number completely by the due date.