Hop on the Bus

High School Business Plan Competition

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Are You Ready to Hop on the BUS!?

Imagine…the entire population of your school and surrounding counties listening to music that they could carry on a device the size of your thumb, and this device could hold hundreds of songs. Imagine that you had created that device and you were making more money then you dream of each day.

Imagine that you had discovered a vaccine that would help people with cancer, diabetes, HIV, or even depression. Your drug would save millions of people. Imagine that you started your own company to develop and sell the drug…you could be a hero!

Do you think you can do something better than everybody else? How about creating something completely different from what you can buy today? If you think like this, you might be an Entrepreneur…someone who has an idea for a business or a product that is new, different, better than what’s already out there in your community or the world. If you want to learn if entrepreneurship is for you, sign up for the Hop on the BUS! business plan competition!

Hop on the BUS! is a way for you to have fun, learn and explore your business ideas. Your dream could become a reality! To learn how to get involved with Hop on the BUS! please read through this document, ask a teacher, instructor or after school program leader to help you during this competition (have them read the information below), and sign up online at <www.hoponthebus.org>.