Hop on the Bus

High School Business Plan Competition

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Adult Supervisors (teachers, mentors, instructors, etc.) can you help a student Hop on the BUS!?

There is an incredible wave of entrepreneurship sweeping the nation, infecting today’s teens with the virus known as “wanna have my own businessitis.” It has been somewhat quiet, slowly rumbling beneath the surface of our changing economy and rising up in our schools, our youth and our very consciousness.

Hop on the BUS! is an opportunity for students to explore their “be my own boss” dreams and gain knowledge of entrepreneurship through the process of participating in this business plan competition. Hop on the BUS! is a great teaching tool for business, marketing, financial literacy and citizenship topics, and the program is designed to give students a real life experience within an educational setting. The program also allows students to discover what it would be like to generate an idea and build it into a business of their own.

The idea and plan for this competition comes from West Virginia where their state Entrepreneurship Coordinator has successfully implemented the program for several years. Students and teachers alike have praised the competition as a starting point for successful new student businesses.

Hop on the BUS! is open to any North Carolina high school student (public, private, home schooled or enrolled in any after school programs in the state). Students may participate individually or as a team (teams may be between 2-4 people). An adult supervisor must sign up with the student or student team and monitor the student(s) progress through the competition. (An adult supervisor can be a teacher/instructor, after school program leader or a mentor). The competition rules and guidelines as well as requirements follow. Please review the information and discuss with interested students to make sure they understand what they are committing to. Students can register for the competition online at <www.hoponthebus.org> or obtain a registration form from: hoponthebus@yahoo.com